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On July 7th 2010 I received an email with an attached image named “IMG_0309.JPG”. At that moment, despite having seen that particular naming convention hundreds of times, I was propelled to start searching for the file name, img_0309, on various search engines and photography websites. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but the thousands of results the searches returned still shocked me. Arguments have been made that the combination of images not being stored and named correctly (correctly meaning identifiable) and just the sheer volume of images being poured onto the Internet on a daily basis will make it difficult for historians to successfully log and capture significant moments in history. Whether or not any of that is true remains to be seen but the idea of images lost in volume and slave to genericized technology driven naming conventions interested me and I liked the idea of giving them a home and meaning however temporary. Sure… to someone, somewhere these images might mean a great deal but to the stranger trolling the bowels of the Internet their meaning has been lost. Here on* they have a home and a new story that loosely unites them despite their differences in creation and intention.
Chvad SB, Jan. 1, 2011
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*Note: The difference between the originally received image name “IMG_0309.JPG” and the name of this website “IMG1309.COM” was a total accident. In my enthusiasm the day after I decided to build the site, I remembered the name incorrectly and began searching for img_1309.jpg images and as a result registered a domain following suite. So… the site and the images collected are all 1309. Whoops.

**Note: All of these images have been used here without permission from any of their owners. If you have an image being used on this site and would like for it to be removed then change your privacy settings kid!

***Note: No revenue is being generated from the site and it’s intended purpose is solely for prompting discussion.

Who made this:
Chvad SB: audio and visual artist living and creating in Brooklyn, NY. Performs with the Brooklyn based bands THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN, Tongue Muzzle, and The Qualia. Teaches audio production and post-production to pay those bills. Came up with this stupid site idea and a billion others. More info at

Mark Rainwater: Musician and technical genius living in Seattle, WA. The unseen backbone of a software company. This site works because of him. Has performed with Seattle bands, Bang Bang Dead, Demand in Harmony,  and +10 Mana. Rad guy. More info at

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